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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 3, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EST

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bad reality for cruz christie after the iowa caucus. >> big crowd and big joke from the staten island zoo. to make his an annual weather prediction but not before bureaucrats with a truckload of jokes. >> getting a head start off on my farming. nobody calls that a whole. that is a shovel. >> the big day today. we find out if winter will
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last for another six weeks it is "groundhog day" so we have teamed chaser coverage on staten island. but i want to start down by the river because it is also the first shadow. >> on february 2016. those reluctantly. >> to say clearly i had seen my shadow. six more weeks of winter.
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>> "groundhog day" on the staten island zoo. [laughter] big crowds and big jokes as they turned out to see him make his annual weather prediction. he did his thing but not before bureaucrats assailed the crowd with the truckload of jokes. >> groundhogs only play on shadow days. >> please make him stop.
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>>. [laughter] let me listen to that. i want to see a groundhog, out of whole. >> but that's is when they've bright in things up at least two notches. >> you are afraid of your shadow? >> blinding flash to the obvious school children geniuses. as i thought about that protest. >> here he comes to the right.
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that is the elevator for the groundhog. >> so predicting an early spring but the school kids have wondering what does this mean? >> this little meerkats right here. another seven days for the end of february? why not? and then maybe we get another month and a half? >>. >> it is enjoyable and the harvest.
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>> another groundhog day charlie brown but this is the calendar tells a the first day of spring the state -- the shares march 20 so no groundhog necessary. why are they popping up? who are these impostors with the credentials? >> but she has a record. >> philadelphia police need your help to get his death back of blackmail 6 feet tall with a beard and mustache response will for robbery before fleeing the
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area to open that investigation into draw a swastika. please have the public's help to describe the suspect 5-foot 11 inches and really long hair. >> a lot of governors have fallen by the wayside i did not have a chance in this race you talk about what i will do next? >> high expectations becoming a bad reality for chris christie.
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jeb bush and john kasich and mike huckabee all coming in ahead of the new jersey governor who took tenth place at the iowa caucus. >> i spoke to our former colleague and now the political reporter and pointed out to save very likely it would be a governor who became the next president. >> and that big question mark especially considering this. no candidate finishing worse than fourth place in iowa has ever gone on to his server party's nomination. patrick murray says go or bust for chris christie. >> we love you and we think you. you are special. we will be back many times. i might come back here to buy a farm.
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>> ted cruz takes first place and donald trump takes second. to upheld a lead going into the iowa caucus but others say he is doing pretty well especially considering he is new to the political field and leading an unconventional campaign. so what you make of trump coming in second place last night? >> the three points he won by were organizational and structural. he was better organized but trump created a large enough pool of people to win the iowa caucuses but his campaign failed to convert them to be boaters. >> how serious will he take marco rubio? >> first he has to dispense with ted cruz once and for all. then he will be facing marco
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rubio who is emerging ahead of chris christie and jeb bush and john kasich and the establishment candidate. the good news is he does have appeal among conservatives with the tea party candidates and i think he can bridge dash gap so he poses a greater danger because the appeal is extremely limited. that hillbilly act is n i love but not in new hampshire there's not many evangelical christians. >> this shows why timing is everything. that is when he should have run. prior to the financial collapse and the george washington bridge fiasco and
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if he would be named as the unindicted co-conspirator. and then focusing on new hampshire urb passing iowa has never worked. chris christie is toast. >> we will see what happens on tuesday night. >> as you can see we have a head start on my farming here. some call this a hoe. >> that is a shovel. you don't know the difference?
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>> you are "chasing" the story about the sun of a former top aide charged with manslaughter? >> informer aid to the new york city mayor was in core today facing charges of manslaughter. behind me is the courthouse in hackensack where he pled
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not guilty to fatally stabbing -- stabbing a 16 year-old boy. but according to fight people he was being mugged. but with the intent of armed robbery. was this an attack or self-defense? they said it was all part of gang-related violence. laying now that is to have a relationship. >>. >> that doesn't change the fact spec not in the courthouse but two years ago she had to resign and her
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boyfriend at the time pledged guilty and made post on facebook that police were paid. >> she is obviously devastated. well over a decade i can't tell you hircine means everything. >> and within those guidelines set forth for this type of crime. >> to pay 10 percent? absolutely. >> everybody involved was arrested and charged. the first does sound like self-defense. >> also possession of of a weapon and also alleged to evidence from the scene it when the police got there he
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changed his clothes. >> this is why they drop them they cannot afford these scandals in the administration. >> if he would actually kill this young man who was attacking him allegedly at some point that is what happens. eventually you too will be involved. >> something tells me. >> there she is. can i see your hoe?
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>> that is a shovel. [laughter] >> i asked. [laughter] they said yes. that's a hoe. >> you don't know the difference? [laughter] ready? saddam if he were "chasing" the story of farming in staten island. >> that's right. as you can see i'm getting a head start on my farming and i have my hoe of what some call. >> nobody calls that a hoe. >> a call that a shovel lippold you that? >> these experts in gardening spirit you do not have a hoe? >> i guess not. it may not look like it but
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this area by the bridge is the next hot spot things to this luxury apartment complex. it looks starkly different from the surrounding area and the secret weapon with a full acre farm of fresh ground veggies. >> to be across the street. >> this will change everything. >> also featuring the organic coffee house and
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living in urban farmer. >> we also hear from within the complex of about $33 million but when i reached out to they said it is far too soon to begin talking about that. >> what did you pay for the shovel? >> $15. >> the hoe is only $7. taken aback and by two of them. [laughter] >> the real winner of the of caucuses
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>> only in new york city.
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>> date of two.
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the real winner of the iowa caucuses in also with the victory speech with the claim to fame. saying that the rally was earth shattering. >> in to do then the eric city marathon. >> this is the new rage things are rather spirited. >> the onlookers debate if they are just idiots. fish your idiocy.
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[laughter] the idiocy of it all. like leprechaun this creates their own theme. in the skunks around the world and of course, this means i joined by one of the late greats of andy warhol. there is the team of skunks in the end ended in a brooklyn warehouse party.
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>> playing a shopping cart why? what is behind all? >> did you return it to? >> we did not. >> there is a criminal element potentially? >> no. absolutely not. >> drunken chaos. >> no one got arrested. spirit trying to sabotage each other. >> once they got onto the
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train how do people react? what you want them to do >> ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> good wednesday morning. i'm fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. the rain will be approach from the southwest and move toward the northeast over the course of the day. the heaviest rain during the afternoon after 1:00 p.m., went 1:00 and 7:00 a flood watch goes into effect by noon. the heaviest rain and melting will be going on to the north and west of philadelphia. this is where we have the and west of philadelphia. this is where we have the highest flood threat.
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